Brett Goodroad

Lamp Bright Draw

01 September 2208 October 22

Patterns of distance. Figures of red chalk. Drawing of
Watteau escaping a boat in a storm. Shadows and
gesture tire of their floral line; in the pressing, keen
fancies endure. Fractured by scatological momentum,
an emulated ideal:only at the differentiation can
growth..... “If you could know/ romance could
be/ in between marks/ if the red chalk/ knew
his hair description/”

Brett Goodroad (b. 1979, Kearney, Nebraska) received a BFA from Montana State University and an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. He has presented his work at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, The Drawing Center, Gregory Lind Gallery, and is the recipient of the Tournesol Award from Headlands Center for the Arts. Writing on his practice has appeared in the New Yorker, Artforum, the San Francisco Chronicle. His most recent exhibition took place at Cushion Works (San Francisco) in 2021. He lives in Arizona.